Full name

M. Ermolenko


freelance illustrator/merch maker / comic artist


Brooklyn, NY


part time plant parent, part time story teller and creator


M. is a nonbinary, Jewish-Armenian Romani illustrator, comic and merch maker with a BA in Media Studies & Anthropology, currently pursuing their MFA at Hunter College's Integrated Media Arts program.

When not managing and running community based projects, drinking far too much coffee and creating merchandise, you can find them exploring new ways to bridge together activism and mutual aid through their craft and work.


Integrated Marketing Associate

UJA Federation

New York, NY · 11/25/19 – Present

Works on coding and deploying mass email marketing and fundraising campaigns with a focus on social justice and nonprofit-sphere realm of work. Collaborates closely with project managers, writers, copy editors and graphic designers in order to deploy and complete multiple email campaigns and projects.

Hunter College Film & Media CLT Multimedia and Technology Fellow

Hunter College Film & Media Department

February 2017 – Present

Multimedia and Technology Fellow Assists with technological problems, including and not limited to : software updates, operating system updates and creating multimedia content to be used for events.

Teaches workshops, assists in updating IMA/MFA program website.

Freelance Project Manager + Graphics/Layout Designer


Spring 2017 – Present

Produced 10+ projects over the course of 5 years, managing teams of 30-50+ independent artists, writers, and in some projects, musicians to create short-run independent magazines, newsletters, an collaborative music album and various anthologies.
Created marketing collateral for social media (Twitter, Tumblr), designed look of various storefronts and created print/digital promotional collateral for marketing and print.

Produced and designed interactive digital PDFs and printed versions of anthology projects, mailed to recipients worldwide.

Built custom digital storefronts and navigated payment systems including Gumroad, Paypal, Bigcartel and Stripe.

Created promotional events to boost sales, including creating newsletters annd hashtag community participatory events, along with offering exclusive bonus content via social media.

Organized participants through mass emails, utilizing Mailchimp. Built email templates for applications along with promotional newsletters.

Freelance Illustrator/Comic Artist/Merchandise Designer


Brooklyn, NY · April 2015 – Present

Freelance illustrator with a focus on collaborating on anthology covers for indie publishers, while also creating self-published zines and artbooks. creates new merchandise in the form of enamel pins, acrylic charms, prints, embroidered patches and stickers through the use of successfully funded kickstarter campaigns.

Available for freelance sequential comics work, along with one-page comics through traditional publishers and publications. Has had over 4 years of experience working with client-based projects from personal commissions, character design work, along with music album and marketing material work.

Work has been published with : Arledge Comics (cover artist for A Kingdom For A Panel & Stranger Waters anthologies), King Features (Flash Forward!: Flash Gordon’s 40th Anniversary), ENBY Magazine, Lilies Anthologies volumes 4,6-8 and more.

Communications & IT Assistant

Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY)

New York, NY · 8/14/17 – 11/17/19

Assisted Communications and IT teams in producing HTML based newsletters, documenting and photographing events, classes and seminars for social media use. Assists in technical support and inventory of equipment, as well as keeping office equipment running and product inventory up to date

Social Media & Communications Intern

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

New York · 06/1/17 – 11/17/17

Assists Social Media Manager with social media profiles, conducts research for Communications Department in analyzing overarching trends in engagement with public on social media, analyzes old reports in order to determine relevancy and importance to current political climate and topics of interests.

Analyzed yearly Facebook data and extrapolated information on shareability and reactions generated by news cycles and issue-focused posts, applying the skills used by analysis to the ACLU’s E-mail list analysis extrapolating interactivity and frequency of topics sent by action, as well as what issues were highlighted the most and what reactions (positive or negative) were received by targeted audiences.

Development & Policy Intern

Citizen’s Union

New York, NY · 06/13/16 – 08/15/16

Conducted research in regards to foundations, focused on extrapolating information on how grassroots activist group utilized social media to circulate information and gather constituent interest. Conducted local candidate committee interviews and assisted borough teams in analyzing and evaluating local candidates. Proof read and edited documents.

Production Team Volunteer Assistant


New York, NY · 12/06/15 – 12/13/15

Assisted in art instillation by helping out the production team with manually setting up the exhibit. Cooperated with the production team and followed orders in order to finish installing the LED lights and camera based exhibit which interacted with the public once the exhibition was open to the public. Worked with LED lights, wiring, large canvases, heavy cloth, cameras and CTO gel which was utilized to create a warm and enticing atmosphere once the exhibit was live.


MFA in Integrated Media Arts

CUNY Hunter College

Fall 2018 – Present

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Media Studies

CUNY Hunter College

Manhattan, NY · Fall 2013 – May 2017

Undergraduate Degree


Arledge Comics King Features Publishing


Illustration, Art Direction, Storyboarding, Writing, fashion design, digital art, traditional art, design, layout design, research, editing, social media analysis


HTML/CSS, Product Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Storyboarding