spinnerettes and pomegranates

Michi Ermolenko ; Freelance Illustrator ; B.A. in Media Studies & Anthropology

spinnerettes and pomegranates

CHRYSALLIS // a Marvel ladies artbook

PDF version of the entire 82 page artbook for viewing

an 82 page illustration artbook focusing on the women of marvel comics and fashion.

the project has been ongoing on and off for 4 years (2013-2017), with the artbook available to view as a PDF.

focusing on color, fashion, and the inherent strength of these various characters – from old, forgotten characters to new ones bursting onto the current comics scene, the project was a love letter to these marvelous characters and the world building that occurs when one submerges themselves into the realm of comics.

the main goal of the project was to challenge myself – to reimagine and re-design iconic characters and characters that may have been forgotten due to them being stuck in comics limbo for decades. while not a comprehensive list, the project focuses on at least 60 women, with plans for a continuation of the project to occur at a later date.

  • Role creative director, artist, design, illustrator

  • Date August 2017

  • Type artbook, prints

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