gif version of a poster made for the project

pdf of a ‘informational brochure’ created for the program,

pdf of a ‘informational brochure’ created for the program,

design for the mock up program ‘dstryem’

logo design

postcard design for print distribution.

sticker design; digital sketch in paint tool sai.


While in its initial stages, ‘destryem’ was a final project created for Emerging Media 1 taken in the fall 2017 semester at Hunter College.

Focusing on the idea of interactive media being used for social justice and activism, ‘destryem’ is a work in progress where the end goal is to monitor hotspots where bigots such as racists and nazis congregate in order to anonymously disrupt public congregations as the level of violence when these groups meet to perpetuate their harmful ideologies rises, often meeting with innocent casualties and injuries.

As of 2016, there are currently 917 active hate groups in the U.S, according to the Southern Law Poverty Center, which tracks the activity of these groups via a interactive, state by state map (https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map).

My hopes for this project is to provide a safenet and dispell the spread of these hategroups by disrupting meetings and rallies through the use of technology while at the same time providing cover and preventing the spread of hate by violent bigots with users of the programs being untraceable and not receiving backlash by said bigots.


creator, designer


fall 2017