spinnerettes and pomegranates

Michi Ermolenko ; Freelance Illustrator ; B.A. in Media Studies & Anthropology

spinnerettes and pomegranates


Narrative Comic focusing on the intersection of gender, identity and mental health as well as self perception and the effect that our relationships have on us.

Created for submission for Lilies Anthology Volume 5 : Tiger Lily for the themes of self-love and self-acceptance, the comic focuses on the main character and their struggles of internalizing what others think of them and how that leads them to begin to rot and react negatively until realizing that they are more than what others' expectations are, and that they are not bound to play into set expected narratives that society places on them.

Created in collaboration with Brigit MacFarlane (Pomato), the comic was scripted together, with Brigit taking over sketches and layout, and I focused on lines and color.

Both of us brainstormed sketches for character designs and workshopped the script together.

  • Role Co-Author, Colorist, Artist

  • For Lilies Anthology Volume 5: Tiger Lily

  • Date 2/14/28

  • Type Anthology Submission, Narrative Comic

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