anthology / zine work

Cover illustration for Arledge Comics' A Kingdom For a Panel: A Shakespeare Anthology.

countdown illustration for Volume 8 of Lilies Anthology: Nodding Lily (publishing Fall 2019)

countdown illustration for Volume 5 of Lilies Anthology: Tiger Lily (published work)

illustration of the Magician card for Ian Menard’s Queer Arcana series

the Sun card illustrated for the BNHA Tarot series

GALAXIA , for the sailor villains zine

6 of wands for the Devilman Tarot series

‘a spell for two’ illustration for Volume 4 of Lilies Anthology: Spider Lily (published work)

illustration for the ETERNAL RIVALS zine

Wanda Maximoff for the X-CEPTIONAL GUIDE TO BAKING: An X-Men Cookbook

illustration for the GAYS IN SPACE zine


Illustrated works in published / upcoming anthologies and collaborative projects ranging from crowdfunded collaborative projects, to published anthologies.

Works / Publications featured:


‘A Kingdom For a Panel’ Comics Anthology | published by Arledge Comics – Cover Artist

‘Queer Arcana’ by Ian Menard – Artist for ‘The Magician’ Card

Lilies Anthology Vol 7: Lily Bulb – Countdown Artist
Lilies Anthology Vol 8: Dreaming Lily – Countdown Artist

Devilman Tarot Project – 6 of Wands Artist

‘Purity Route’ – Album Cover for lilly watermoon

Sailor Villains Fanzine

The X-Ceptional Guide to Baking

Lilies Anthology Volume 4: Spider Lily – Countdown & Contributor
Gays In Space: A Star Wars Anthology
My Hero Academia Tarot Project – The Sun and 9 of Cups artist
Eternal Rivals Fanzine


illustrator, artist


Anthology and Collaborative project work, including work done for: Queer Arcana Project, Lilies Anthology, various collaborative art zine and tarot based projects