spinnerettes and pomegranates

Michi Ermolenko ; Freelance Illustrator ; B.A. in Media Studies & Anthropology

spinnerettes and pomegranates


an issue 0 of a ongoing long-term comic focusing on the adventures of a nonbinary knight called Wolf and their quest to restore balance to the world almost destroyed by creatures known as Humans who have ravaged the lands.

Tasked with finding the Star Keeper, Wolf has to find a way to restore power to the world through star light – the only resource said to power the earth that’s tuned like a music box – before the Humans destroy everything.

  • Role penciller/illustrator/colorist/writer/storyboarder

  • For original comic focusing on a nonbinary knight tasked with trying to save the world from complete destruction (creator owned)

Up Next:

anthology / zine work